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Russian Bride Guide - A Western Mans Guide to a Russian Wife

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Stuart J. Smith, co-author of the best-selling "Russian Bride Guide - How to Meet, Court and Marry a Woman from the Former Soviet Union." Stuart is married to his Russian psychologist wife Olga. Together they wrote the Russian Bride Guide to put men on the right path to a Russian wife. The book has become known as the "Russian Women Bible."


Guest Author on Russian Women

Stuart is available for local, national or international interviews and media opportunities for print and radio. Stuart's quick-witted humour, charisma and energy is infectious, hooking audiences from the start and leaving them wanting more. His knowledge and insight into Russian dating and relationships lends credibility and depth to any article or story, and makes him both a desirable guest and a valuable resource to the media, whether over the radio or in print.

Radio stations Stuart has been interviewed by in 2009.

KCEO 1000AM San Diego, USA.

KOA 850 Denver, USA.

94.5 FM "The Bull" Toronto, Canada.

WOCM FM 98.1 Maryland, USA.

WWPR 1490, Florida, USA.

KSDP 830 AM, Alaska, USA.

WXBR 1460, Boston, MA, USA.

Radio Colorado 1060 AM, Denver, USA.

WJBC 1230 AM, Illinois USA.

WNJC 1360 AM, Philadelphia, USA.

KSEN 1150 AM, Montana, USA.

C Fax & Kool FM 107.3, Victoria, BC, Canada.

Recently featured on “Your Time with Kim Iverson,” an Entercom Communications’ syndicated night show based out of Austin, TX. Broadcasting to eight cities: Portland (KRSK), Denver (KALC), Austin (KAMX), Wichita (KFBZ), Memphis (WMC), Indianapolis (WZPL), Buffalo (WTSS), and Norfolk (WPTE).

Portland (KRSK), Denver (KALC), Austin (KAMX), Wichita (KFBZ), Memphis (WMC), Indianapolis (WZPL), Buffalo (WTSS), and Norfolk (WPTE)

WZTK 101.1FM, syndicated to various cities from North Carolina, USA.

KOMP 92.3FM, Las Vegas, USA.

KYSM Country 103.5FM, Minnesota, USA.

KXRA 1490AM, Minneapolis, USA.

KKSM 130AM, San Juan, California, USA.

Twister 93.3 FM, Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

WNOR 99 FM, Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

WWWI 95.9 FM, Brainerd, Minnesota, USA.

"Sebastion in the morning" on WCCC 106.9 FM, Hartford, CT.

"The Mancow Muller Show" broadcast from Chicago and syndicated all over the US.

Different Radio Shows and Formats

Stuart is comfortable doing short one-on-one interviews or longer interviews with or without a listener phone-in. If you want to schedule a listener phone-in show, that is no problem at all. Stuart will be happy to engage with your listeners and answer any questions about the process. Some phone-in shows that Stuart has done have run over an hour (from an intended 15 minutes) due to the sheer volume of calls and e-mails to the show.

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Radio Guest - Media Resource - Russian Women and Mail Order Bride Expert

Other Information

The authors are pleased to be currently involved in a Cambridge University anthropology study on Russian women marrying Western men headed by Dr Ssorin-Chaikov. The Russian Bride Guide, together with author interviews (in English and Russian languages) and some material from our websites, will be used in an exhibition in Moscow in 2009.

If you wish to research any aspects of the book, please refer to the sales pages and reviews linked below. If you wish to research the Russian Mail Order Bride area generally, there are links to our other websites below to assist you and give you content ideas.

Please note that we are unable to ship "review copies" of our book out to small US local radio stations as it is quite uneconomical for us to do this due to the number of requests that we get. We only do this for larger stations or syndicated shows who want to book a longer slot and discuss the subject matter at length.

There is no fee for radio interviews, but we do ask that our book Russian Bride Guide - How to Meet, Court and Marry a Woman from the Former Soviet Union and our sales site: be mentioned. It is preferred if the presenter can take responsibility for mentioning the book and website; experience has taught us this makes for a more professional show when the guest is not trying to plug his sites personally during interview.

If you want to schedule Stuart for an interview on your station, please use the e-mail link below or the telephone number in the advertisement above. Please remember to mention the station you are from (including call sign and web address), which show it will be on, and the duration of the slot available.

Remember - the more information you can give us about the type of show, typical listener demographic and intended slant toward the subject matter, the better. The more information we have in advance, the better and smoother the interview will go, and more informative to your listeners it will be.

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