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Confidential Russian Women Advice By Telephone

Telephone consultation and advice service for men seeking marriage with a Russian, Ukrainian or other former Soviet Union Lady.

If you have found this page, you probably know us already from our book, newspaper and magazine articles, our radio appearances or by postings on various Russian women related internet forums.

If you don't know me, I better introduce myself. My name is Stuart Smith, I am an English guy married to a Russian woman for the last half decade. We live between England and the FSU. My wife and I are the authors of The Russian Bride Guide, my wife has a small website at, and we own the internet advice forum for men seeking Russian and FSU women.

My wife is Olga Maslova. She is a multi-lingual Russian woman with two degrees in psychology. Before marrying, she was a psychology lecturer at a University in Samara, Russia. She has extensive experience both helping women from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus seeking foreign men, and working with men from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe seeking an FSU wife.

I first went to the former Soviet Union back in 1998 as a tourist. After checking out the amazing women there, I was back there exactly one week later sniffing around. That was the start of a long, steep learning curve for me. That learning curve culminated in my marriage to Olga, my lovely Russian wife, in 2006, some eight years later (by then, I knew what I was doing).

My personal journey and experiences is what prompted me - with my wife - to write our book. Around that time, we helped set up the Russian women advice forums. Our forums are now the busiest Russian women advice forums on the net.

If you are familiar with the "Russian Women Forum" scene over the years, our Russian Ukrainian Adventures forums has tended to attract the cream of the cream members from the old St Johns list, the Russian Meeting Place, the old Russian Women Guide and a few of the other well known forums of yore, most of which are abandoned or disbanded now.

I spent a lot of my leisure time the last few years on the various forums, advising and helping people as best I could. As a result of our advice, several people are already married to Russian women, and many more have been helped along the road to success.

As a result of participation on many groups, lists and forums, my wife or I often ended up on the telephone to guys helping them out with their personal Russian women issues. I could easily spend a couple of hours a day answering "Private Messages" and e-mails from various guys. Some guys are not comfortable writing about their issues on public forums, and seek out more individual personal one-to-one advice from people whose experience and judgment they trust.

After our book was published, requests for personal one-to-one advice became more frequent and quite time consuming. This brings us around to why this page is here. We no longer have the spare time to help everyone who asks for help as we would like to for free. Our time is money, just like yours is.

This page is here to offer my or Olga's advice to the serious, motivated man in his hunt for a good wife from the former Soviet Union. It would benefit you immensely to have read our book The Russian Bride Guide and to have perused our discussion and advice forums before you contact us directly. Our forums offer a wealth of information from many well-respected contributors from all over the world, many of whom are already married to Russian and Ukrainian women. Ask questions about finding Russian brides, traveling, read trip reports; learn about applying for a K1 fiancée visa, living with a Russian woman, and more. You may well find your answers there.

So Why Do I Need Telephone Consultation Then?

Quite possibly you don't! This page is not here for us to sell ourselves to you. You may well find all the information you need from our book and our advice forums. However, there are some guys who do not have the time or patience to wade through the "white noise", off-topic posts and infighting that all forums invariably attract. Maybe you can't find the specific information and advice you want by reading.

Many guys read our forums avidly as "guests" and would never dream of signing up and asking a question in public. Some people are just too private for that, even with the anonymity the internet affords. Some people prefer to take what advice they can absorb from reading only. We know this because there are usually two to three times as many reading "guests" on our forums than registered members.

We offer this service because many guys have actively sought personal contact with us - bypassing our public advice forums altogether - in order to ask advice on a Russian woman related issue.

So How Does This Consultation Work?

Typing is rather time consuming. Rather than e-mailing or messaging, we find it a lot more time efficient to talk on the telephone. So we do it on the telephone, either via the regular phone or via Skype. Whichever of us you choose to speak to will call you in the United States or the UK by telephone or Skype. (Countries other than the US/UK are usually via Skype to Skype only.) If you prefer, you can call on our US number (that I will give you) if that works better for you.

If there are e-mails and/or copies of correspondence from a woman, or links to profiles, etc. that are to be discussed, you can e-mail those over beforehand so we can look at them so you can have your conversation with me and/or Olga (depending who you prefer to speak with) already up to speed.

What Type Of Stuff Can I Ask Advice About?

Pretty much anything you want really. Some popular topics are below to give you an idea:

Are you talking to a woman through the internet and something just doesnt smell right? Perhaps she is featured on a large agency website and is from Kiev, Odessa or another city in Ukraine? We can smell a potential scam situation a mile away.

Correspondence analysis; our opinion of a woman's motivation, seriousness or opinion of her behavior being typical or not. Maybe you are unsure of some other behavioral trait and just want to run it past someone?

Potential scam situations; our opinion about if a situation you find yourself in could turn out to be a scam. Perhaps you have visited a woman already and are unsure if she is playing you or is a pro-dater. Perhaps she is just not as into you as you would hope.

Parent issues: Issues surrounding women who want to bring their parents to your country and issues surrounding parents that will be left behind after a woman's relocation.

Issues surrounding sex with Russian and Ukrainian women. Sexual attitudes between the US and Europe can differ in some areas, and with different ages of people.

UK Tourist visas, fiancée visas, spouse visas and further/indefinite leave to remain visas. Life in the UK tests and any other matter pertaining to tourism/ settlement of an FSU woman in the UK.

Topics can be many and varied, and often very individual and specific to your individual situation. No two women are the same, no two relationships are the same and no subjects are off limits. You are assured that all conversations between us will remain completely confidential.

Note: I am unable to advise on the minutiae of United States, Canadian and non UK visa rules and subsequent residency issues beyond what is in The Russian Bride Guide, but if you shoot me an e-mail, I can direct you to resources that can help you.

Pricing and Arrangement

Pricing is in US Dollars and priced below in options of thirty minutes, forty-five minutes and one hour options - just select the option you want, then click Buy Now. During the payment process, there is a space to insert your telephone number and/or Skype ID - please do so. Please make sure your Paypal e-mail address is one you can still be contacted at. After payment, I will contact you by e-mail within twenty-four hours, to arrange a mutually convenient time for our call. You will need to let me know at that time if you prefer to speak to Olga or me.

If you are ready to arrange a consultation call, please select the length of call required using the drop down menu below and then click the "Buy Now" button beneath it.

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